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Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Can You Love Life Even In Pain?

Is it possible to LOVE LIFE even if you are in PAIN?

On the 3rd of December I was going about my normal business when I felt my back go. It's an old injury that keeps appearing every few years. Since then, I spent over 3 weeks on the floor stairing up at the ceiling and noticing that I need to get it painted.

I've been having physio 3 times per day and very gradually the pain is residing but still I cant get into the car and I can't really walk unaided. The pain has been excrutiating even after a day of 6 ibuprofen and 6 co-codamol tablets just so that I can shuffle to the bathroom when I need to!

When under a lot of physical pain, or emotional for that matter too, it is easy to get distracted from what you might normally focus on. Instead of being outside, listening and being with nature, or visiting the people you love, you may be inside waiting to recover. Your normal routine can be interrupted.

Here's the BUT in this... just because your in pain, or because your situation has changed, your rules don't have to. Some people have rules that they must make a return of over 8% on their investments otherwise they are not happy or loving life. Some people have rules where they are only happy if they get to go out drinking to the point where they forget everything else. Others have rules where they will only by happy if they have a car as good as the next persons, or an income they can feel significant about. Or they have to have perfect health and be able to run a 5 minute mile. All of these kinds of people are making it very difficult to be happy and to love life. It's very unlikely that all of these rules will be met at the same time so these people can love their life.

So how do we make it easier? I mean even if we are in PAIN how do we do it? The answer is simple, CHANGE YOUR RULES. Think about it, if one persons rules for loving life are "All I have to do is wake up tomorrow.. then I am happy, I love life, it's another gift, theres nothing certain about tomorrow so if I wake up, it's going to be a great day". If you rules are like this, how much easier is it to love life?

Think about it, even if you are in pain, can you be happy that you woke up? As I stare at the ceiling yet again in agonny with my back, I can tell you, I LOVE THIS LIFE and that I am SO GLAD I WOKE UP for another day. Then, with that, I can plan something that will make me feel better each and every day. Who can I love, who can I call out to and connect with? How can I do something new, create something. Experience something new. Life is beautiful and it is there for the taking.



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