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Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Coping With Disappointment

Have you ever been so incredibly disappointed that you just couldn't shake it off?

What was it for you? Disappointment with somebody else not doing or saying what you hoped for? Or disappointed with yourself for missing the mark on something? Disappointed that events didn't turn out how you wanted?

We all experience disappointment at different times in our lives. The difference is, some stay disappointed and create pain within themselves while others grow from it and move on. Which are you I wonder?

I have felt disappointed a number of times. I was once disappointed to the point where I thought I would never bounce back. Where I thought it would never get any better. The first part, that I was disappointed was absolutely true. But the bit about not bouncing back and about never getting any better was complete BS. I was lying to myself. Have you ever made things even worse than they truly were?

There have been times when I didn't get THAT job that I thought I was made for. Times that relatives wouldn't talk to me for years (yes, years!) because I was exploring religion, times I fell so deeply for THAT girl only for it not to be returned.

Nowadays I see that disappointment is a feeling asking me to take action. Then when I do something about it, I feel totally different. You see, we get disappointed when our expectations for how life should be are not met the way we wanted or expected them.

Turn Your Expectations Into Appreciation

Here's the key to a happier life... find a way to "Turn your EXPECTATIONS into APPRECIATION".

For every wish not fulfilled, for every disappointment, ask yourself, what were you expecting?

It may have been a huge ask, or it may have been the smallest thing. Whatever it was, you didn't get it. So when do you want to wait until before you are done feeling bad about it? When will you be done trying to show the world how much the disappointment impacted you? The truth is, you don't have that much time.

How about, instead of expecting what isn't going to materialise and feeling bad about it, appreciate every ounce of good in them, and in you, that you can see.

I mean really appreciate them and you. Think about it. Spend time on all of the good and positive things that are still there, our could be.

Instead of thinking how hurt you are, how does it feel to turn it around and LOVE them anyway! Why should you? BECAUSE YOU CAN! I guarantee that you will feel completely different if you do this. Love them in a way that they have never felt it. The changes this will make are staggering!

By holding a grudge, by beating yourself up, by being sad, by being angry, we only hurt ourselves. We are pretty good at that. Sometimes we spend so much time to hurt ourselves.

It's time for a change. It's time to feel good again. It's time to help them feel good again. It's time to live.



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