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Bitter or Better, Which are You?

What Is Your Story?

What happened to you? What's your story? What brought you here, now?

We all have a story to tell. A story about what brought us to where we are. The reasons we are stuck. The events that mean we can't do what we once did. Is it a story of ill health? A story of an abusive relationship? Is it a story of a painful and difficult past? Or perhaps yours is a story of an ok life, financially ok, relationships ok, job ok, but you just don't feel like you can really do the things you want to do. You see others loving life and you wish you were just like anyone else. But you're not. You wish that you could have things like...

What Do You Want?

THAT kind of connection with someone where you feel so in love that your knees turn to jelly when you look at them, even after 20 years.

The finances that enable you to do anything, go anywhere, and live where you want to.

The job where you find yourself waking up thinking about what you and your team are going to accomplish and it pulls you with an excitement and a looking forward to each day. And they pay you for it too!

The family where you show up and support each other. Even at stressful times like Christmas or during economically challenging times.

What do you wish for that you don't have? And what's your story for why you don't have it? The majority of people I coach, all have reasons for why they don't have what they want. But their reasons, are not anywhere near the truth.

Understanding the Truth really will Set you Free

Your past does not define your future. It does not define who you are. It does not hold you stuck so you can't experience life. This only happens if you live in the past.

Think about it... There are people nearing 100 years of age who can jump out of airplanes and parachute down. If anyone has a reason not to. 100 years is a pretty good reason. Yet they do it.

There are people diagnosed with life threatening I'll health, yet they make it their lifes mission to raise money to help others with similar conditions.

Rob Mendez born with no arms and legs, became one of the most respected college football coaches in the US. His motto is "Who Says I Can't".

W Mitchell had 90 degree burns all over his body, hands, and face. Then he learnt to fly! Then he crashed and became paralysed, then he became a millionaire and a mayor of his town and a very respected businessman.

Colonel Sanders was 62, and completely broke before KFC started. And his business idea was rejected 1,009 times before he got his first yes!

So the reasons people have for not getting what they want are not the truth. How much of your life are you going to spend only wishing? How much time have you wasted already? How much more pain from not having what you want will you accept? Is self doubt going to own the rest of your life or are you going to do something about it?

The truth is, you don't have what you want because you are meeting your needs in some way!

Your Psychological Needs

We all have the same psychological needs that we will do anything to have, just like we will do anything for air, water, and food. You may not be consciously aware (Until now) but you have been meeting these needs since you were young.

You have a need for Certainty (comfort & security) that is holding you back from taking risks and adventure. And you have a need for Significance (knowing you are unique, special in some way). There are 4 others but these two are what hold you in your self doubt.

By changing how you are meeting these needs, you no longer have to live in a state of being doubtful. You can meet them in a healthier and free way that enables you to live, and see, and feel life differently. And yourself too.

You Are Incredible

You see you are incredibly special. You are the only known living creature in the universe that knows the universe exists. You are made up from atoms forged during the death of gigantic stars in universe far away. The iron in your blood, the carbon, the hydrogen and oxygen.. you... yet here you are reading this. Whilst not religious myself, you are a miracle. Your very existence is astounding, awe-inspiring. Think about that for a while when you are suffering in your low confidence and doubt.

Life is beautiful. When you get to see that your life is too, everything changes.

Bitterness is a Poison, Forgiveness is the Key

Being bitter hurts nobody but you. It's the poison that you drink yourself. Just like self doubt. Instead, how about forgiving. Lessening the load that you carry. Change the story that you say to yourself and feel free. Experience the beauty that life is. Move from bitter to better. From doubt to confidence. And from pain and sadness to a happier fulfilling life.

I hope reading this serves you in some way. From my incredible heart that beats 100,000 times a day without me thinking about it, to yours.

Build a happier life Chris



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