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Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Do you have a BUT in your life?

You love them but ... If you have a BUT in your life, you need to read this NOW!

If you have a BUT in your life, do you know if it is going to last forever like you once dreamed or are you already thinking it's over?

Are you just staying together for others? Are you just staying together because you're afraid of being alone? Have you already tried everything and have given up or has your partner given up?

I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be like this. There are ways to get the connection and the intimacy that you need. The solution is very simple too, but only you can make the change.

Ladies and all feminine friends, criticising your man or masculine partner will never ever ever ever bring them back to you. Neither will staying silent or blocking them out. If your partner doesn't think they can make you happy they will seek happiness in other areas of life away from you. All a masculine person wants is to know that they are the source of your happiness, your joy, the reason for your smile.

Men and all masculine friends, hiding away in your work or hobbies will not bring happiness to your relationship. All your partner craves more than anything is your presence, your deep connection and understanding, your security no matter how difficult things get.

If you do all you can to understand just these two things and take daily action and commit to changing things in line with these, you will move closer and closer to having the relationship you only ever dreamed about having. An even stronger relationship than you had at the start.

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