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We have all seen the warnings. These are the most challenging economic times we have seen in decades! So what are some things we can actually DO to stay strong and work through it with confidence and positivity?

"..refuse to become victims to circumstance.."

There is no doubt, the next 6 to 18 months are going to require something pretty special to help us get through them. But we can do this! Let's stick together, help those in need, and refuse to become victims to circumstance.

I know your bills are going up. Mine are too. And I'm sure someone at the top could have done things differently. But...

I have a question for you. How often has blaming people for things got you what you wanted? When we blame, we play the victim and now is not the time to play that role. Now is the time for you and me to stand up and rise up to action.

"..Get out of that worry space and get out of your head.."

1. First thing is first, if you are sat somewhere worrying about all of this, get up and get out!!! Physically get outside, somewhere you enjoy, and get moving. We all know moving makes us feel better! Get out of that worry space and get out of your head. Get some music on, breathe and have some fun.

2. Instead of focussing on what you don't have, think about what you do. Right now in this moment, do you have a roof over your head? Do you have people you love or who love you? What things are you thankful for? Who are you thankful for?

3. What do you keep saying to yourself? If you keep saying the same things over and over you will hypnotise yourself to believing it and you will keep feeling the same. What could you say to yourself everyday to make you feel like you can do this?

"..Don't see it worse than it is, in fact, see it better than it is.."

4. Don't see it worse than it is. Some of us always make problems bigger than they really are . Yes some things might have to change. Yes sacrifices might have to be made. But we can still do this! So see it as it is, not worse than it is.

5. See it better than it is . People who create change in the world do so because they SEE that it can be better than it is. They imagine, they dream, they talk and share it. They look forward to it. See it better than it is and comfort others. Make a difference.

6. Focus every hour on it being better now. Do something today to make it better now. Even a 2-millimetre change can have huge impact down the road.

7. Take action and think about EVERY SINGLE WAY you can make savings. What do you really need? What is important to you? For example Money Saving Expert has so many ways to save and to make more too! Take a look. Take action.

8. Take action and think about EVERY SINGLE WAY you can make MORE. What skills do you have? Could you have? What are you good at? There will be someone willing to pay to learn what you can do, what you know. Be creative. It's time for ACTION! What can you make? What can you teach? What advice can you offer?

9. Don't blame others, it wastes your energy, it doesn't change anything, and it keeps your focus as a victim. Take responsibility and do something NOW!

10. Remember this will not last forever. Every winter is followed by a spring and summer. It is not going to be always be like this. We need to see that and manage now to experience the good spring and summer coming ahead of us.

11. Be THANKFUL. Fill yourself up with the miracle that is life. What an absolute wonder we are. Look at the kids in your life and learn from them. What is truly important?

Life is full of great times and painful times too. It is the painful ones that cause us to truly grow, to change, to shift and become more. There has never been an opportunity like this for you to show the world how strong you can be.

Who's with me?


PS. If you found this at all helpful please do like and share. You might help someone else too who really needs to hear this.


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