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Is it Possible to Change How You Feel in an Instant?

Updated: Apr 15

Is it possible to Change How you Feel in an Instant? I believe we already do!

What is one of your pet hates? What winds you up really quickly? How fast can you get wound up when this happens?

Have you ever had it when you were watching something really good on TV and then someone starts talking over it? How quickly do your emotions change then? Or if someone cuts you off when driving, how quickly can we get angry or upset?

I'll tell you one of mine. You see I love walking in the countryside. It relaxes me, fills my lungs with air and reminds me of how grateful I am for life. But I'll tell you this. Sometimes there is dog mess everywhere! Or so it seems, and if I stand in it, uuggghh! It drives me crazy how disgusting it is leaving dog mess for someone to stand in. How selfish! No thought of what could happen to others if you don't clean up after your dog. If I stand in it, I change from a serene, relaxed, and happy guy into a raging bull with red in my eyes!

How long does it take to change how we feel|?

Now aside from the funny story, one key thing to note is how quickly we change. It really is instantly! Your nervous system and your brain can fire new emotions as fast as light moves. If we are honest with ourselves, we know this to be true. But how do we stop this being a problem and instead make it work for us?

Now what if you could harness your ability to change your emotions whenever you want? Rather than learn a new way for managing how we feel, all we have to do is look more closely at how we change emotion in the first place. Like when something happens, what do we do to feel differently?

The answer is in this short video where I explain to you how to do this in a simple and creative way.

You will see it is relatively simple to change how we feel. The real key is knowing, if it's that easy to change, why isn't everyone feeling great all of the time? I answer this in my Life Coaching Discovery Sessions.

I would love to offer you one, free of charge. Why not book a Free Life Coaching Discovery Session with me to see what Life Coaching could do for you.



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