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Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Do You Procrastinate?

How many years have you been holding back? I'd bet sometimes you don't even know why! Well I can tell you exactly why without even knowing you, the reader of this narrative.

You see we tend to move towards things that are pleasurable, familiar, and comfortable. But we avoid like the plague things which are painful in one way or another.

If you are a procrastinator it is simply because you are associating more pain to what you want to do than pleasure.

Is it that you are fearful that you might fail and be humiliated? Is it that you really want to do it, but there is a massive BUT in the way?

You don't have the time, you don't have the money, you don't know how to actually do it, or your so called friends are telling you that it will never work.

All of these are EXCUSES! We ALL have the same amount of time, it's just we prioritise things differently. How much Netflicks time do you get in a week verses working on your dreams? If you don't have the money, have you even been to see the bank manager? There are ALWAYS ways when you want it bad enough. If you don't know HOW to do what you want, simple, find someone who has already done it and ask them! Get yourself a mentor. If your friends are telling you it won't work, what do YOU think?

If you never try anything new you will always have what you always got. Your excuses are no excuse! They are just the story that you keep telling yourself.

So, rather than thinking of all the reasons why you shouldn't start it TODAY, right NOW! Start thinking of all the PAIN you will have in 10 years time if you STILL haven't done it! What will life feel like if you haven't tried ANYTHING!?

But can you imagine how it would feel if you MADE the time, found the resources, had the mentor and felt the fear but still did it regardless and SUCCEEDED? How would that feel? How proud would you feel if you actually tried something new? How successful would it feel? Could it feel? How thankful would you be? If you actually did something different and didn't stop until you got results?

How would life look in the future if you could, yes feel the fear of the unknown, or fear of failure, but could DO IT ANYWAY.

The absolute best way in the world to do this is to start RIGHT NOW. Start today, and take some steps forward. Tell someone what you are doing. Make progress each and every day. Engage in constant and never-ending improvement, until it is done.

So what is it? This goal that you have been avoiding? Is it a new relationship? A new job? A business idea? A house move? Forgiving someone? Apologising to someone? I'd love to know. Why not start today by taking the smallest of steps - tell me below what it is, let's talk about it. Let's get excited for it. Let's plan it and take action and look forward to it.

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