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Feeling Blue? Be The Change You Want To See.

Life Coach Chris Ulliott on Recover from Feeling Blue

As the world fights to figure everything out, it can be so easy to start feeling blue about it all. This can be exaggerated if we have low self esteem issues. We don't have much belief in ourselves and on top of that, we sometimes don't have much belief in the world too. I know this only too well.

For years I struggled with self doubt and feeling blue about many different things. Yet here I am now coaching people to live happier lives with my happiness coaching. It's a complete turn around. So if you learn anything from this at all, know that it is possible to change. It is possible to turn things around whoever you are. In fact, it's not as difficult as you might think.

What's really interesting though is that I don't believe society is geared towards us feeling good about things, nor about ourselves. Think about it. How much news on the TV and social media is positive? Very little right. It's more negative because that appeals to our concern for security and it grabs our attention. It's click-bate. Also, when we are being sold a product to look good, smell good, or feel good, do the adverts show realistic images of someone using those products? No they are retouched to look 'perfect'. They show practically unattainable images of beautiful models. Because it grabs our attention. But when we compare ourselves to them, does it ultimately make us feel good about ourselves? I think the answer is obvious.

When society is working like this, people don't tend to show the best side of themselves. Disheartened we can easily become angry, or sad, at how things are. We observe people doing things out of stress, anger, or sadness and can label them as bad people. We percieve that kindness is a rare thing. That love for our fellow man doesn't exist. That respect and empathy, and understanding have been lost.

When I think about this, it makes me want to change the world. But that's not going to happen is it. One person can't change everything. But one person can change the way they see everything.

"A person can change the way they see everything"

Do you know the story of Victor Frankl? He was a psychiatrist who survived the holocaust. I don't need to go into detail for you to know that he witnessed and experienced for himself some of the most traumatic and dreadful atrocities that the world has ever seen. The astonishing thing about Frankl though was that he survived and found a way to create great meaning and purpose for life. He wrote an international best seller about it and developed a new kind of therapy all about creating meaning in life. He saw everything that was happening in the concentration camp. Yet when he remembers it, he also remembers the purpose it give him for living. How we look at life, how we remember our past, how we dream about our future, is a choice. You and I can choose too.

So when the world is looking unkind, when it looks like there is no empathy or understanding, like nobody cares. Then I'm going to decide with incredible determination and passion to find and see the good in people at every opportunity. But not only this, there is more.

As we cannot change the world as individuals, we have already seen that we can change how we see our world. Therefore I'll be holding doors open for strangers, letting people cut in front of me in their cars, push in front of me in a queue, while saying good morning with a smile. I'll talk to those who look angry all the time, and give to those who take.


Because I will not stand idly by and live in a world where love and kindness are invisible. I have no idea what people are going through. I cannot tell from the way they look what's going on inside. Kindness costs nothing.

If you have doubts about yourself in l and it's getting in the way of a happy and fulfilled life, you might be interested in my free book on beating self doubt here ce, even those disagreeing with you on social media. Give to those who are having a bad day. Be forgiving of yourself, always. Don't strive to be perfect, just be the best version of you.

"Be the change you want to see."

Instead of looking at all of the injustice in the world. Or even just in your community or even family, why now show up as you would like others to show up? This provides us with a way to get out of our own heads and to show up for others, To be kind. To show compassion. To give beyond ourselves to others. This is how we fight the way society is going. This is how we create more good in the world. And importantly, this is how we fight from feeling blue. When we put others first it becomes difficult to be stuck in our own minds being angry or sad. Lets start a movement for feeling great about ourselves and by making a difference in the world. Lets create change within ourselves first. From feeling blue, from self doubt to feeling happier and more fulfilled. Let's show others how it's done too.

If you have doubts about yourself in life and it's getting in the way of a happy and fulfilled life, you might be interested in my free book on beating self doubt here Self Doubt Book.


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