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Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Feeling Successful

Many life coaches will push you to WORK HARDER, be COMMITTED, PUSH YOURSELF, NEVER SLOW DOWN, FASTER, HARDER etc, etc.

I don’t believe living like this is helpful or indeed what you are looking for when wanting to be successful.

You see, I tried that, and it exhausted me, and made me feel that maybe I'm just not good enough. When the money came, I thought is this it? I can buy things, but then what? Why did I even want all those things?

Yes of course more money will appear if it works and your extended family may all think your really cool, if only they could do it too. But I have to tell you, I lost myself completely in the process. I was not happy and certainly didn't feel successful. Having money just for the sake of money or things is empty. Its like being successful but without feeling fulfilled.

So in my coaching, first of all I say, SLOW DOWN, DO LESS, OWN LESS, BECOME MORE PRESENT, FEEL MORE LIFE and ENJOY MORE. Then, when all of the noise has gone we get to see more clearly what we want, why, and what will truly fulfill us.

I believe what we really want isn’t out there in the bigger house, the more expensive car, and the admiration of other people.

I believe that the PEACE, the JOY, the LOVE, the WONDER, the MAGIC, the MIRACLE and the FULFILLMENT we seek is actually already inside of you now, and we just need to slow down and step outside of the hustle just long enough to see it.

When we live believing our happiness lies somewhere on the outside, we spend our whole life chasing, only to discover it was never really in those things.

So why not press pause on the hustle and slow down enough to breathe deep, feel the sun on your face, and witness the infinite magic that exists around you in your life already.

I am Chris from Chris Ulliott Life Coaching. If you want to know more then BOOK a FREE Life Coaching Discovery Session with me to see what Life Coaching could do for you.



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