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How to Identify Self Doubt and Overcome It

You know, self doubt is a common feeling that can really hold us back from achieving our goals and from living our best lives. It's like a poison that we drink over and over again and then wonder what's making us feel bad. But do not lose faith. With the right strategy, we can all find a much healthier drink to consume which will help us live life with confidence and purpose, vigor even, and genuine happiness with zero BS. I know, I went through this and beat it myself :)

What is Self-Doubt?

If you think about doubt in its most basic form, it's an emotion. One which makes us feel like we are not good enough. Underneath, it comes down to fear. But self doubt is one of those emotions that people can get stuck on, believing in it, and repeatedly coming back to it time and again throughout life.

Anyone can feel it, anytime, anywhere. It's that nagging feeling that you're just not good enough, smart enough, or talented enough to achieve your goals in life. It's where you look at life and cannot see clearly a future where you accomplish even simple goals. But here's the thing my friend, you are enough. You just need to believe it.

How to Identify Self-Doubt

The first step in overcoming self doubt is to notice it. Here are some common signs of self doubt -

  • Negative self-talk: Do you find yourself constantly criticizing yourself or your abilities? The way you look? The way you are? How clever you are? Your shyness? Your social skills? Your relationship skills? If so, it's time to give yourself a break and start focusing on your strengths. Nobody makes the grade when they compare themselves to others and ask why isn't my life like theirs. Instead compare yourself to who you were yesterday and ask what do I need to do in order to take a step forward, to make some progress in liking myself more and being more confident?

  • Procrastination: Do you put off tasks or projects because you don't believe in your ability to see them through to completion? Stop it! You're capable of great things. You have already made it this far!

  • Perfectionism: Do you set impossibly high standards for yourself and then feel like a failure when you don't meet them? Let go of that need for perfection and embrace your imperfections. We need to be imperfect to grow! We need room for expansion so realize that you are meeting your standards at the level you need to today already. You are already enough.

  • Fear of failure: Do you avoid taking risks or trying new things because you're afraid of failing? For anyone to be successful, we need to fail over and over. Without failure, we don't learn or change. Learn to love your failures and use them to grow and create an energy in you to move forward from them. When you were a baby learning to walk, did you give up when you failed? Or did you keep going until you were successful?

  • Imposter syndrome: Do you feel like a fraud or like you don't deserve your success? You're not alone. Many very successful people feel this way. But here's the truth: you deserve your success. Own it! Use your success to teach others how they can be successful too. This is how we grow.

Some ways to Overcome Self-Doubt

Once you have identified self-doubt, the next step is to overcome it. Here are some techniques that I used to move on from doubt:

1. Challenge negative self-talk

Negative self-talk is a bad habit - We must decide to stop. To set for ourselves a higher standard for how we treat ourselves. With practice, we can replace those negative thoughts with positive ones. For example, instead of saying "I can't do this," say "I can do this. I am capable. Just watch me!"

2. Practice self-compassion

Self-compassion is like a big self hug - it feels good. Treat yourself with kindness and understanding, even when you make mistakes or experience setbacks. Remember, you're only human.

3. Set realistic goals

Setting realistic goals is like a GPS - it helps you stay on track. Don't set yourself up for failure by setting unrealistic goals. Break larger goals down into smaller, more manageable steps. Then take those small steps within the next day or so and prove you can do it.

4. Take action

Taking action is like a jump-start - it gets you moving. Start small, but make sure you start and work your way up. Each time you take action, you build confidence and momentum.

5. Seek support

Seek support from as many people you can. Talk to friends, family, or a professional coach. They can provide you with the guidance and encouragement you need to overcome self doubt and achieve your goals.


Self doubt can be like a dark cloud - it can cast a shadow over your life. But with the right strategy, you can break free from that shadow and live with confidence and purpose. Remember, you are enough. You are capable. You are worthy of success.

If you find this post useful, you may like my free book on beating self doubt HERE.



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