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Updated: Jun 27, 2022

I love this life, I just can't get enough!

It's not that I haven't had my fair share of the most horrible things that can happen in life. It's not that I have the most amazing care-free health. It's not that I don't have any problems. In fact I do and I always have.

When I was younger I used to go through times where I was so down that I didn't want to go out at all. I used to look in a mirror and just ask "Why me?" I know I'm not alone with feeling like that but that makes it even worse doesn't it?

Yet today I've completely turned it around. I feel so full of thanks for life. If see the news and all of the awful things happening, the pandemic, politics, hate and greed and worry. If I look at this I equally have to look at all the good that is happening too right? It's only fair.

"What chance do I have to be happy if I only look at all of the bad?"

People are still falling in love. Babies are being born and surviving to make their own ways in life. People are sacrificing their fortunes for the greater good. Angelic hero's are caring for the sick. The underdogs are constantly showing us that anything is possible in life, if you want it.

Happiness for me is a decision. I decide I want to feel happy and I set a new standard for myself. I look at the world through that filter. It fills me up so much. This is the reason I trained to be a life coach. To help others feel this way too. Authentically happy.

When a client has a life changing breakthrough, it is the best feeling in the world. Seeing people move from feeling stuck, to feeling on top of the world!

If this is you, why not have a free, no obligation Life Coaching Discovery Session with me? You have nothing to lose! Let's get together and see what's been going on for you.

If you want to know more then BOOK a FREE Life Coaching Discovery Session with me to see what Life Coaching could do for you.



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