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Updated: Jun 25, 2022

The TRUTH Will Set You FREE

There is only one way to experience freedom when your own mind is the one that has been keeping you captive. You may have heard the term before, that the TRUTH will set you FREE. I have found in my own life that this is entirely true.

"We All Have A Story"

You see we all have a story. We all have a way of telling ourselves the reasons that we are the way we are. Have you ever heard yourself saying "I'm like this because...", "I've always been like this...", "It's just the way I am"?

Each of us has this way of describing why we are like the way we are. Parts of our story will be factual, but your story is not who you are. You are WAY more than this. Understanding the truth, your own truth will lead to a freedom so profound, you will be able to do, feel, and be anyone or anything you want to.

My story, 30 years ago was so completely different to what it is today. The facts haven't changed, but I have, and its not time that fixed things, it was down to me.

My story was this, I grew up without a father. Just me and my mum struggling to make ends meet. Waking up to ice on the inside of the windows and seeing my breath like it's -10 inside the house. Not liking myself I made no effort to look good, not believing I could achieve I made no effort to learn, not believing I could be liked by anyone I made no effort to impress. All of this was the reason my life was so bad, and always would be. I didn't blame anyone. Mum worked so incredibly hard for us, sometimes having two jobs. But she struggled believing in herself too. With all of this, and more that I am holding back, what chance did I have?

Well I had the same chances as anyone else. Instead of continuing my mantra about how bad life was, I changed my expectations and started to appreciate the world around me. I stopped entirely repeating the same old story, I'm this way because... Because its just not true. Then when I didn't have reasons for being down or unsuccessful, I started trying things and some of them worked. Some worked very well. I've now been happily married for 17+ years. I've held a great job for the same time and now I am teaching others how to live happier lives as a qualified life coach. Life really couldn't get much better.

The facts of my history didn't change, but the made up story of what they meant for my future did.

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