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Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Turn a Dream into Reality

Have you ever had a dream but had no idea how you could ever make a success of it or even get started? Or you thought you might stumble at the very first hurdle so you didn't even try?

Millions of people have things that they would like to do but never even try. Yet you only genuinely fail at something when you stop trying.

Here is the simple way to turn any dream into a reality.

Think about your dream every day and get excited about it. Build your excitement until you feel that you really want it.

Once you feel all excited about your dream, write it down in as much detail as you can. Write it as though you already had it. How does it feel? What results do you see? How does it impact you and people in your life? How good does it feel between 1 and 10? What would make it a 10 if it isn't already?

Now look at everything you have written down and don't do this unless you really want to progress... Write down with your dream a DATE for Achieving it. Every dream with a date is a GOAL.

Look at that date of achievement and imagine you are already there achieving it. Feel how good it feels. Look back and see all of the little steps you took to get here. One step at a time, small achievable steps, what did you have to do to get your dream? Write down the steps you took while holding onto that feeling of excitement and success.

As you write down the steps note that a goal broken down into steps is a PLAN. Look at your plan and see if there is anything else you need to add to achieve your goal. Keep the steps small enough to achieve something everyday towards your goal.

Now look over your dream, your goal, and your plan. Let yourself feel the excitement of making it happen and how it will feel when you achieve your dream.

Take the first step in your plan and Do Something TODAY towards achieving your first step. Get it done NOW. Every plan with Action is what makes your dream a reality.


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