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Updated: Jun 27, 2022

What kind of a house do you have?

Do you have a routine where you look after your house every single week? Or are there a few cracks showing but you absolutely love it, after all it's your home. How much of your time and money and energy do you spend looking after your home? I'd love to see a picture of something you love about your home.

For me it has to be the garden and the surrounding views. We live in a place where Barn Owls used to literally sit on our back garden fence overlooking the fields. Swooping down looking for their next meal. Nature where we live just fills us up with appreciation for life. What is it about where you live that you love?

We spend so much time in our homes that we like to have it just how we like it. We look after it don't we. We also tend to spend a lot of time in our heads in the same way that we spend time in our home. So how do you love and look after what's in there?

Sometimes we can spend so much energy looking after our house, our things, our people too, but we forget to look after ourselves.

Our mental home that we live in ALL of the time needs some looking after too, and here's why...

* We have media bombarding us constantly all day long pressuring us to buy this or to watch this. Distracting us from whats important. Even controlling our emotions so that we do make those purchases.

* The news is always bad news. Threatening us with fears and disappointment and sadness about the world we live in. Hell bent on convincing us that most people are bad and that bad things will happen to us too.

* Society is set in a way that we have to swap our time for money. Time is our most precious gift and is more valuable than anything else yet its cheapened to a few pounds every hour. Who wouldn't give up all their money just to stay alive longer? We are literally devalued no matter who we are by the society we live in.

* All the time we have our own problems too. It's never ending right? How will you pay this bill, how will you keep healthy, why doesn't my partner like me anymore, or I'm lonely!

I could go on, there are so many pressures on our minds in this modern day. So don't you think that the house we spend our entire life in deserves at LEAST as much love and care that we give to our homes?

So what can we do to keep our house in order? What does loving yourself even mean?

I'm not talking about drinking to the point of forgetting everything. That may help for a while but it's not love of yourself.

It's not over eating either. That's not love. It can make you feel good for a while but in the long run what is it doing to us?

So how can we reset. How can we look after ourselves? If we can't love ourselves because it feels like its too much, can we at least look after our house?

"The words we use become the house you live in"

How many times have you seen people talking to themselves and just saying hurtful things? I bet you can think of 4 or 5 right now who say things like "I'm so stupid", "I'm so ugly", "Why am I like this", "My life is so rubbish". Maybe even you have said things like this at one time, I know I have and not just once.

The words you use become the house you live in. The things you say you will start to believe. Tidy up your house. This is something you can do right now. It won't cost you anything. Just change your language. Change what you say to yourself, about yourself. Would you say those things to your son or your daughter or your partner? No? So why say them to yourself?

What else can we do?

How often do you sit back and take a look at your house to see what needs doing? How much time do you think is reasonable each day to look after your house? How can you look after other people's if your own is just left to the randomness of life to care for it?

What do you need to do, starting today? Little steps are all that's needed. Is it exercise to get both your mind and your body right? Is it to forgive someone? Is it to forgive yourself? Is it to just let go and relax and feel what it's like to be a human being rather than a human doing? Does cleaning your brick house also calm your mind? Do you need to get yourself a massage or a walk in nature? Do you need to spend time with people who love you? Do you need to meditate or pray? What is it that will free you from the daily onslaught of media control and daily pressures and from the ongoing negative talk?

"A Happier house means a happier you."

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